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After “one of those weeks” I have finally found the time tonight to sit down and write some more of my book.  The problem I am having is that I know what I want to say, but I don’t know how to go about saying it!

I’m having a bit of difficulty getting started with the first chapter; I’m not completely sure how I want to start the book so I have now decided to leave this for the time being and come back to it.

The second scene in Chapter 1 is where the protagonist, he is called Adam, is at work counselling a lady whose mother is terminally ill with cancer.  This is an important part since it helps to lead into a bit of back story, but mainly because it leads to the third scene/Chapter 2 where Adam speaks to the man which is the first stage in leading to the confrontation /situation in the Second Act.

"Counselling by Manchester Counselling Helpline" by Linda Templeman

Instead of just jumping straight in, I have decided to complete an exercise on emotions – firstly by taking the viewpoint of the lady whose mother is ill and then secondly by taking Adams viewpoint and how he conducts a counselling session.  In order to do this I will draw on the feelings I have had when someone close to me has been ill, how I have responding to people on finding out that someone close to them is ill, and by researching counselling sessions and other peoples feelings.

I feel that one I have completed this exercise it will give me a lot more information to write more specifically the detail that I need for this section of the book.


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One of my three books have arrived and I was reading it last night – What If.  It contains over 80 exercises for the “fiction” writer to help improve their writing.  The contains page gives a good indication of the exercies that are to follow and so jumping straight in, I completed Exercise 1, which was to write 5 different opening sentences, the idea behind it being that you weren’t committing yourself to writing a whole chapter or even a book based on these sentences, you just needed to write something that would entice the reader to continue reading, something that would grab the reader’s attention immediately and make them wander what was going to happen next.

These are the five sentences that I wrote:

  1. They just kept coming; all down the street they could see them, waving knives and axes in the air, screaming something akin to a tribal war song.
  2. She cowered behind the chair hoping, nay praying, that the sedative would start to work and that he wouldn’t be able to hurt her again.
  3. She screamed, waving her hands frantically in the air hoping that someone would see her before the current got too strong and she wouldn’t be able stay afloat any longer.
  4. The day held a secret, one she didn’t think she could hold onto any longer, it was getting too difficult now and more people were getting closer to the truth.
  5. She looked so beautiful in the dress that she had made herself, everyone looked at her and smiled but no one really knew what to say after what had happened.

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