What is it?

“Can you find it?”

“Find what?”


“What is it?”

“I don’t know”

….And so it continued….

“But what is it” I hear you wonder, well that’s the whole point.  I don’t know what it is, but I’ll know when I find it.

"White Books" from Vicki's Pics

The background here is that I know the outcome that I want to achieve, but I just haven’t worked out how to achieve it.  The outcome is that I want to become Published.  Now Published in this context is quite vague – I don’t know the finer details but currently I imagine that it will be in one of the following guises:

  • an article in a magazine
  • a short story in a magazine
  • a (self-)published book on the internet
  • a published book via a publisher

Now, I realise that the last option here is the most unlikely of the batch, but I have added it for completeness.

Actually I should qualify this slightly otherwise I could boast that I have already achieved my wish as, if you are reading this, you can already surmise that I am published, as this is published on the internet.  The actual outcome is to be published AND paid!

Back to “it” then.  I have set myself a time limit of a whole twelve months to write a series of articles and short stories (thereby including both fiction and non-fiction) which I will post on this site, along with my trials and tribulations, endeavouring to obtain feedback along the way in order to reach my the holy grail of getting a piece of work published.  As yet, who knows what the final piece of work will actually be, but I aim to learn a lot about creative and factual writing along the way.