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After “one of those weeks” I have finally found the time tonight to sit down and write some more of my book.  The problem I am having is that I know what I want to say, but I don’t know how to go about saying it!

I’m having a bit of difficulty getting started with the first chapter; I’m not completely sure how I want to start the book so I have now decided to leave this for the time being and come back to it.

The second scene in Chapter 1 is where the protagonist, he is called Adam, is at work counselling a lady whose mother is terminally ill with cancer.  This is an important part since it helps to lead into a bit of back story, but mainly because it leads to the third scene/Chapter 2 where Adam speaks to the man which is the first stage in leading to the confrontation /situation in the Second Act.

"Counselling by Manchester Counselling Helpline" by Linda Templeman

Instead of just jumping straight in, I have decided to complete an exercise on emotions – firstly by taking the viewpoint of the lady whose mother is ill and then secondly by taking Adams viewpoint and how he conducts a counselling session.  In order to do this I will draw on the feelings I have had when someone close to me has been ill, how I have responding to people on finding out that someone close to them is ill, and by researching counselling sessions and other peoples feelings.

I feel that one I have completed this exercise it will give me a lot more information to write more specifically the detail that I need for this section of the book.


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Whilst browsing the internet I came across a post about Novel Writing Software.  Firstly, I have to admit, I hadn’t even considered writing in anything other than Word.  But then, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it was probably a good idea to use a more specific programme since this would allow me to separate out my notes from my actually writing – and therefore only count the words of writing (and not of the notes which Word also includes).

I have found two pieces of software and downloaded them both.  I have already tried one and included all the scenes required for my first two chapters (along with writing for the first scene as well).  Now I will give the other a go and see which I find most useful before continuing with which ever one I feel is best.

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I decided to use my commute home from work wisely.  I have a loose plot for a book (loose because although I have a beginning and a middle, I haven’t quite decided on the ending just yet), and I managed to get Chapter 1 pretty much written – in my head – on the journey home.

"Let the Wild Rumpus Begin" by llymlrs

Unfortunately the time between the journey home and when I could actually set pen to paper (so to speak, as it actually was fingers to keyboard) was another few hours and therefore some of the story I had rehearsed in my head several times over, finally disappeared from my short-term memory.  Still I had the bare bones left and an outline for the following couple of chapters.

I have managed to commit 500 words to paper so far with another 100 or so outlining the story unfolding.  I’m very happy that I have managed to get this far – it might sound daft, but I was worried that this project wouldn’t even get off the ground.  I was quite concerned on how I would actually START the story.  Of course I realise that I might re-write the first chapter over, but the way I look at it is that I just wanted to “blurt” out everything that I was thinking and then I can refine it later – a bit like a brainstorming session really were no idea is a bad idea, just an idea!

It has helped me by getting started – yes that makes sense doesn’t it! What I really mean is that in getting started it has enabled me to work out what I need to do next.  I can probably finish the first 2 chapters with little research but as I head towards chapter 3 this is where I need to really get down to it and do some religious and scientific research.

I’m not a religious person but being brought up going to church every Sunday I have a sort of, ooh I don’t know how to classify this – it’s not an interest and it certainly isn’t a belief but it just fascinates me.   Hopefully my years of church-going will stand me in good stead and give me at least a head start in the research.  As for the science side, well, that’s all genetics related and so although I did biology at school what I need to know is certainly outside of any little knowledge of science that I may have.

Anyway, getting back, I now know what I need to find out having started so hopefully I can focus my research in the areas that I specifically need to further my writing.

So 500 words done, I suppose that means another 99,500 to go….

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