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A Head Cold…

I’ve been away from this blog for the last week as I’ve been suffering from a head cold and have been absolutely exhausted after doing the normal everyday tasks that I need to get done, you know the ones – going to work, cleaning away the dishes (fortunately my other half tends to do all the cooking), putting the kids to bed and reading stories, plus having quality time with them (and the other half) whilst they are awake.  So the writing has been on the back burner somewhat this week.

Fortunately, though, the rest of my books on writing arrived so I have done quite a bit of reading and I have to say, from what I have read to date, I can see that they a great buys.  I will do a better review of them soon as this is really just a catch up so that I know where I’ve been!

I have disappointed myself that I haven’t had any time to either do any exercise or write any more of my book, having said that to get up earlier – or stay up later – to enable me to do that would have led to me feeling worse for longer so having a weeks break can’t be too bad.

Inspirational Journal by DarkChild69

On the upside I have read most of “Your Writing Coach”, and in this it recommends to keep a journal or diary.  Now this is not really to mundanely plough through everything that occurred during the day, more to commit to paper how you felt when certain things occurred.  Really it is a method of recording emotions so that you can return to them in the future and call on them when you need a character in a story to have similar emotions.  To this end I have decided to set up another blog to record both daily events and how I felt about them.  I want to keep it separate to this one as I want this to be a record of my writing, both exercises and processes, whereas the new blog will be more personal, more eclectic, more random – and probably of no interest to anyone other than me whatsoever as it is likely to end up just being a “brain dump”.

The new blog is located here, but as yet this is brand new, with nothing there yet!


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What is it?

“Can you find it?”

“Find what?”


“What is it?”

“I don’t know”

….And so it continued….

“But what is it” I hear you wonder, well that’s the whole point.  I don’t know what it is, but I’ll know when I find it.

"White Books" from Vicki's Pics

The background here is that I know the outcome that I want to achieve, but I just haven’t worked out how to achieve it.  The outcome is that I want to become Published.  Now Published in this context is quite vague – I don’t know the finer details but currently I imagine that it will be in one of the following guises:

  • an article in a magazine
  • a short story in a magazine
  • a (self-)published book on the internet
  • a published book via a publisher

Now, I realise that the last option here is the most unlikely of the batch, but I have added it for completeness.

Actually I should qualify this slightly otherwise I could boast that I have already achieved my wish as, if you are reading this, you can already surmise that I am published, as this is published on the internet.  The actual outcome is to be published AND paid!

Back to “it” then.  I have set myself a time limit of a whole twelve months to write a series of articles and short stories (thereby including both fiction and non-fiction) which I will post on this site, along with my trials and tribulations, endeavouring to obtain feedback along the way in order to reach my the holy grail of getting a piece of work published.  As yet, who knows what the final piece of work will actually be, but I aim to learn a lot about creative and factual writing along the way.

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